• Director of Learner Services

    Rachel Bonner

    Contact: rlbonner@forneyisd.net

  • General Summer School

    2nd through 5th Grade

    Crosby Elementary

    Principal- Dr. Rose (Neighbors) Thompson

    Contact: rineighbors@forneyisd.net


    6th through 8th Grade

    Brown Middle School

    Principal- Floyd Webb

    Contact: fwwebb@forneyisd.net


    High School Credit Recover and Credit Advancement

    Forney Learning Academy

    Princiapl- John Garcia

    Contact: jegarcia@forneyisd.net


    Extended School Year

    Crosby Elementary

    Principal: Stephanie Leach

    Contact: sdleach@forneyisd.net


    Dual Language & Enrichment

    Criswell Elementary 

    Principal- Enrique Jolay

    Contact: eejolay@forneyisd.net

  • For help with Edgenuity, please enter a helpdesk ticket. 

    For questions regarding your accelerated learning plan, please reach out to your home campus. 

    For further help/information regarding accelerated learning, please reach out to the Director of Learner Services.