• One-Way Dual Language Immersion  (PreK)

    This is a bilingual/biliteracy program model in which students identified as English learners are served in both English and Spanish and are prepared to meet reclassification criteria in order to be successful in English-only instruction not earlier than six or later than seven years after the student enrolls in school. Instruction provided in Spanish in this program model is delivered by a teacher appropriately certified in bilingual education under TEC, §29.061. Instruction provided in English in this program model may be delivered either by a teacher appropriately certified in bilingual education or by a different teacher certified in ESL in accordance with TEC, §29.061. The goal of one-way dual language immersion is for program participants to attain full proficiency in Spanish as well as English. This model provides ongoing instruction in literacy and academic content in the students' primary language as well as English, with at least half of the instruction delivered in the students' primary language for the duration of the program. 

    FISD Dual Language Academy provides the following:

    • Students are taught in English and Spanish using a dual language enrichment model.
    • Students are instructed in heterogeneous instructional groups using bilingual pairs and bilingual groups mixed by language and content ability.
    • The academy provides  full closure of any academic achievement gap.
    • Native English Speakers entering Kindergartenwill have the opportunity to apply for the Dual Language academy.  Students applying for the dual language program must be 5 years of age on or before September 1. Parents of students applying are required to attend one of the informational meetings during winter. Student must score “Proficient” (Fluent English Speaker) on the English language assessment to be eligible to participate in the academy. However, due to space limitations, not all eligible students will be admitted into the Dual Language Academy.
    • Native English Speakers who are transferring from another dual language program outside of the district will be considered for placement in the academy if space is available.

    Advantages of the FISD Dual Language Academy

    • Students become bilingual, biliterate, and multicultural.
    • Two-Way Dual Language students have a strong long-term academic achievement.
    • Students learn academic/cognitive skills on grade level while acquiring a second language.
    • Students are instructed through a high-expectations  enrichment model.
    • Students will develop a marketable skill that will provide economic advantages in the future.

    For more information, visit the Dual Language page.