• Elementary (K-4) GT Service Plan

    Referral Period: Teachers will begin referring students for GT testing at the end of the school year that is immediately previous to the school year in which testing will take place. All referrals will be tracked in a district-wide spreadsheet. Students will also be screened using their Spring and/or Fall MAP scores according to FISD GT qualification policies. Parents may refer their children for GT testing starting in the fall. The referral period will close on the last Friday in September.

    Testing Period: Once the referral window has closed, the testing window will open. Students will take a series of tests and their scores will be recorded in the district-wide spreadsheet. All testing will be concluded by Thanksgiving break.

    Qualification for Services: Students that earn qualifying scores on multiple measures will qualify for GT services and will begin receiving those services in the spring semester. Students will not need to requalify each year. 

    Service Plan

    • Provision of GT services following either a clustering model or through the use of a pull-out program (or a combination of both). Either model will provide students with the opportunity to work with gifted peers, general education students, and independently throughout the school year.
    • Enrichment and extension opportunities and activities as specified in any relevant district GT curriculum developed and/or as developed by the GT teacher. The opportunities may take place in either the general education classroom through instructional differentiation provided by the general education teacher or via instruction provided during pull-out program services.
    • Flexible learning opportunities in the four core content areas based on their skills, abilities, and needs.
    • The opportunity to participate in social and emotional learning opportunities specific to gifted and talented students.
    • Opportunities to pursue projects related to individual areas of interest.
    • The opportunity to participate in STEAM Camps during the summer for further skill, interest, and/or talent development.
    • The opportunity to participate in Credit by Examination (CBE) at parent request.

    For more detailed information, please refer to the Forney ISD GT Handbook.