• Substitute Pay Rates

    Substitute teacher pay is based on educational achievement as shown below.  Substitute pay for aide positions is based on the position itself and is not based on the individual substitute’s credentials.

    Regular Ed Aide---$70.00 / day

    Special Education Aide---$75.00 / day

    High School Graduate---$75.00 / day

    Associate’s Degree---$75.00 / day

    Bachelor’s Degree---$85.00 / day

    Master’s Degree---$85.00 / day

    Current Texas Certified Teacher---$90.00 / day

    Long Term Aide---$70.00 / day (see below)

    Long Term Teacher---$110.00 / day (see below)

    Nurse-LVN/EMT---$80.00 / day ($100 for long term)

    Nurse-RN---$150.00 /day ($175 for long term)

    Library Services $75.00/day

    “Long term” means beginning with the 11th consecutive day for the same individual. Differentiated pay for long term assignments begins on the 11th day and is not adjusted to the initial day of the assignment.