Information Technology

  • The effective use of technology significantly benefits both the students and staff of Forney ISD in a variety of ways. Through technology, our students are provided enhanced modes of learning, while developing the skills that will be necessary to compete in their future society. Likewise, today's use of technology by district staff results in an overall increase in productivity, accuracy and creativity.

    To ensure these benefits are realized, Forney ISD maintains a technology strategy that is fully integrated with district curriculum and professional needs.

Looking for help?

  • All Staff and Student IT support requests should be submitted through our district Help Desk. Instructions can be found here. For all other questions, please contact your student's campus or our district Technology Office.

IT Status & Updates Blog

  • Voicemail: Jabber/Webex Access

    Posted by Joshua Herron on 3/14/2023 5:35:00 AM

    Forney ISD IT is aware of an issue where users are unable to access voicemail using the Jabber or Webex applications. Users may receive an error message "Voicemail services are disconnected" or "Unable to connect to voicemail services". Voicemail to email as well as voicemail access using your desk or wall phone is not experiencing issues. We will update this post as more information becomes available. 

    Updated (March 14, 2023 10:45AM)

    The Jabber/Webex voicemail issue should now be resolved. If you continue experiencing an issue accessing voicemail, please close and reopen the application and try again.  

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  • PaperCut: Delayed Print Issues This Morning

    Posted by Howard Carlin on 3/1/2023 1:00:00 PM

    Good Afternoon,

    I need to start by offering an apology for the late notice and spotty communication on this issue. Early this morning, many Forney ISD staff began reporting issues with sending and releasing print jobs. Our department identified a larger scale problem in development and began investigating, but we didn't communicate the known issue, in-line with our best practices. In the future, we will strive to be better about publishing issues as they are identified.

    At this point, we are announcing that all PaperCut issues have been resolved and printing should be working as expected for all users. If you continue to experience irregular behavior with PaperCut after 1PM today, please submit a Help Desk request for us to investigate.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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  • Wi-Fi: Upgrades to Campus Access Points

    Posted by Joshua Herron on 2/23/2023 3:05:00 PM

    In order to keep our Wi-Fi network stable and secure, Forney ISD IT has planned a district-wide upgrade to our Wi-Fi systems. The infrastructure services team will begin testing this upgrade in select Administration Building offices next week, and will complete campus upgrades according to the schedule below:

    • Administration Suite 100, 110, 120 (February 28th at 1PM)

    • Forney Learning Academy (March 6th at 9AM)

    • Aquatics Center (March 7th at 9AM)

    • Distribution Center (March 8th at 9AM)

    • Griffin (March 8th at 1PM)

    • Administration Annex (March 9th at 9AM)

    • Johnson (March 15th at 5PM)

    • Smith (March 22nd at 5PM)

    • Administration (March 24th at 5PM)

    • Criswell (March 29th at 5PM)

    • Blackburn (April 5th at 5PM)

    • Crosby (April 12th at 5PM)

    • Henderson (April 19th at 5PM)

    • Claybon (April 26th at 5PM)

    • Lewis (May 3rd at 5PM)

    • Rhea (May 10th at 5PM)

    • Willett (May 17th at 5PM)

    • Brown (May 24th at 5PM)

    • Warren (May 25th at 5PM)

    • Jackson/Rhodes (May 26th at 9AM)

    Beginning at the listed time, all Wi-Fi services will be unavailable until the end of the day. If any issues arise at your campus, following the upgrade, please submit a Help Desk request.

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  • PaperCut: Accounting for 2023/24 School Year

    Posted by Howard Carlin on 2/23/2023 8:00:00 AM

    Beginning June 1st, Forney ISD will begin using PaperCut Accounting to track device and resource utilization in our print environment by campus and/or department.

    This change will impact our PaperCut environment in the following ways:

    • All users will be able to use all features of all devices, without restrictions. This means feature and location specific restrictions in PaperCut will be removed.
    • All users will be required to choose which accounting code they are attributing to their print job before it is completed.
    • Campuses and Departments will be able to track their print spending, no matter the location or device.
    • Individual user allowances will stay in place, and can continue to be managed by campus PaperCut administrators.
    • All devices not compatible with PaperCut embedded Account Selection will be retired.

    These changes are being put in place to provide an improved and more consistent experience for Forney ISD staff.

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  • Service Interruption: Help Desk & More

    Posted by Howard Carlin on 2/8/2023 9:55:00 AM

    The Forney ISD Help Desk is currently experiencing unexpected stability issues, causing long login times and slow performance for all users.

    Forney ISD IT is currently investigating. We will update this post as more information becomes available.

    Updated (Feb 8, 2023 10:45AM)

    Forney ISD IT has identified an underlying issue that is causing non-persistent performance spikes and lag in applications across our environment. This lag effect is not great enough to cause applications to crash, but they may appear to hitch or lock-up for users.

    We ask that users continue to submit Help Desk requests for any unexpected application behaviour, and would like to remind everyone that if the Help Desk is unavailable, our IT Support Phone Line is open during office hours.

    Help Desk: How to Submit a Request

    We apologize for the inconvenience. We are investigating our options and will update this post with expected timelines for resolution, once available.

    Updated (Feb 8, 2023 3:00PM)  

    At this time, our infrastructure team has addressed the underlying issue and are now turning their attention to specific applications. At 3:15PM today, the following 3 applications will be taken down for maintenance to address their performance issues:

    • Help Desk
    • Transfinder
    • Laserfiche

    Downtime is not expected to last more than an hour.

    Updated (Feb 9, 2023 8:50AM)

    Thank you to everyone affected for your patience as we worked through these issues. At this time, we are announcing all issues as fully resolved. All applications should be back to their normal performance. If you continue to experience unexpected issues in any Forney ISD application, please submit a Help Desk request so we can investigate.

    Help Desk: How to Submit a Request


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  • A new Raptor Experience is coming soon!

    Posted by Kathy Kimbrough on 2/7/2023 4:00:00 PM

    We are setting the stage for a new Raptor Experience that will bring significant value to school districts nationwide, including:

    • Simplifying the management of your Raptor products (for you and your IT teams!)
    • Gaining more flexibility and control over your users and roles
    • Improving user efficiency in navigating within and across your Raptor products
    • Receiving new features and functionality more frequently
    • Knowing your Raptor system is fully optimized for availability, performance and security
    • Enjoying the fact that you receive all these benefits with no requirements for equipment, data changes or other stipulations.

    To ensure smooth adoption for all our customers, we are releasing this Experience in two (2) phases. Phase one begins in the coming weeks when all desktop users will notice a new layout to their Raptor system. Phase two is tentatively scheduled for mid-April.

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  • Web Filtering TikTok

    Posted by Kathy Kimbrough on 2/6/2023 5:00:00 PM

    Effective immediately, Forney ISD IT will be blocking access to Tik Tok on all district-owned devices and on the Forney ISD network, in accordance with Governor Abbott's plan. The plan can be viewed using the link below:

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  • ChromeOS Devices Will Require FISD WiFi When On-Campus

    Posted by Howard Carlin on 1/24/2023 4:30:00 PM

    Beginning February 1st, Forney ISD chromeOS devices will give strong preferential behaviour to the Forney ISD WiFi network. This means that if a Forney ISD device is in range of the FISD WiFi, it will not allow users to switch to a different network, including a personal hotspot. Once the device leaves campus, or in the event the FISD network is down, the device will be allowed to connect to other networks.

    The reason for this change is that it effectively stops the use of personal hotspots in our schools and ensures that students and staff are always operating inside the safety constraints of our network web-filtering.
    If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about this change, please submit a Help Desk request.
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  • Service Outage: Canvas

    Posted by Kathy Kimbrough on 1/23/2023 10:50:00 AM

    Forney ISD IT is currently investigating reports of Canvas being unavailable. We are working with their tech support to resolve the issue ASAP.

    More updates to follow.


    Update 1/23/2023

    Site is backup and available for login. 

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  • New Forney ISD BYOD WiFi

    Posted by Howard Carlin on 1/13/2023 8:15:00 AM

    Forney ISD has long allowed staff and faculty to connect personal (BYOD) devices to our FISD network. To improve our infrastructure systems, Forney ISD IT is modifying this process and has new instructions (linked below) for staff to connect their personal device to our district WiFi.

    WiFi: How to Connect a Personal Device

    All staff who utilize our complimentary WiFi need to follow these instructions to move from the "FISD" network to the "FISD BYOD" network before Wednesday, January 18th. After this date, all non-FISD devices will no longer connect to the "FISD" WiFi network.

    Update (Jan 19th, 8:30AM)

    As previously communicated, changes to the "FISD" network were completed last night and all personal (BYOD) devices must now use the "FISD BYOD" network.

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