• It is required by Texas law (Texas Education Code 21.003) that educational aides be certified, however this process cannot be completed without a public school district assisting with the process.

    Step 1—Create a State Board for Educator Certification Account

    The first step to gaining certification is to create an account with the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) (Individuals will likely not have an account with SBEC unless they have worked as an educator in Texas previously or are in an alternative teaching program.)  Accounts may be created by accessing the following link:


    Those applying should scroll over the menu item Texas Educators and select Initial Certification which is on the far left-hand side of the menu then click on ECOS Login.  Read the instructions and follow the link to create a new TEAL user account.  Complete the form and click submit.  Respond to screen prompts/communications to complete any login requirements and then proceed to step 2 below.  Please use your Forney ISD Email to apply and any correspondence pertaining to your account.

    Step 2—Apply for certification and pay applicable fees

    Applicants for certification will need to choose the certification category for an educational aide.

    • $30 or $32 dollars for the actual application for certification as an education aide, and STOP

    • DO NOT PAY FOR THE FINGERPRINTING FEE IF YOU HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED FINGERPRINTING FOR WORK IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. If you have not already completed fingerprinting for work in public schools, then this fee should be paid as well.

    Processing is accelerated for those making electronic payments with credit/debit cards.  Please use a credit card to pay for any fees.

    Step 3—Communicate with FISD Human Resources Department that all steps are complete

    When all requirements are completed for certification including fingerprinting has been applied to your account, please e-mail your HR case manager that has processed your hire as there is a follow-up step that the district must perform to complete the certification process. 

    In summary, the specific steps include:

    1. Visit the TEA website to set up an account

    2. Apply for certification as an educational aide via the TEA website - check that the fingerprinting is applied to your account

    3. Inform HR case manager Sheri Price that steps 1 and 2 have been completed if you will be working at an elementary school and Diana Airheart if you will be working at a secondary school.

    If you have any questions, please contact hrdept@edu.forneyisd.net.