• Dual Credit Steps & Information

    You have decided you want to take Dual Credit during your high school career, now what? 

    Dual Credit courses that have below 15 students registered will be taught through an online platform or may not make/be offered. 


    IF you have or are currently taking Dual Credit Courses through Eastfield, please skip to step 5.  


    STEP 1 - Attend a FISD Dual Credit Information Night / Application Session 

    Students/parents may attend either session, each session will have the same presentations. Eastfield college will be presenting information regarding dual credit. 

    • These evening sessions will be sent out to parents and students in campus newsletters. The dual credit night will be held in October/November of each school year. 

    Application sessions will be held at each campus during student's focus time following the dual credit night. 

    Students will need to bring their Chromebooks for the application session. 


    STEP 2 - Complete the DCCCD online application 

    Deadline is December 1st if needing to take TSI  or February 1st if you have already taken the TSI and met standard. 

    Once students complete their DCCCD online application, they will need to write down their DCCCD student ID, immediately, as this ID will be used on all dual credit forms. 


    STEP 3 - Complete the TSI Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) - Deadline is December 1st


    STEP 4 - Complete the TSI Request Form - Deadline is December 1st 

    TSI testing dates:(testing will be conducted during the school day, student Chromebooks will be needed on these days to complete the TSI assessment) 

    • See your campus post-secondary advisor for dates of TSI testing. 


    STEP 5 - Get an Enrollment Packet from your Post-secondary Advisor or High School Counselor 

    Dual Credit Required Forms


    STEP 6 - Complete & Return Enrollment Packet to Post Secondary Advisor : DEADLINE April 1st

    • Remember to sign all paperwork (parent/student)


    STEP 7 - Apply for the  FEF Dual Credit Advantage PLUS Scholarship


    STEP 8 - Dual Credit Payment 

    Dual Credit Payment will be made to Eastfield College, beginning in Spring 2019