• Dual Credit Steps & Information

    You have decided you want to take Dual Credit during your high school career, now what? 

    Dual Credit courses that have below 15 students registered will be taught through an online platform or may not make/be offered. 




    STEP 1 - Attend a FISD Dual Credit Information Night / Application Session 

    Students/parents may attend either session, each session will have the same presentations. Eastfield College will be presenting information regarding dual credit. 


    If assistance is needed with the application, please view the tutorial below.  

    STEP 2 - Complete the DCCCD online application 

    Once students complete their DCCCD online application, they will need to write down their DCCCD student ID, immediately, as this ID will be used on all dual credit forms. 


    STEP 3 - Complete Dual Credit Enrollment Form for 2022-23

    ALL students must complete this enrollment form after requesting courses in Skyward. Please contact your campus counselor with any questions regarding course requests. 

    • Forney High School: 
    • North Forney High School: 

     Please note that students must select one of the dates on the enrollment form to take TSIA2 - Texas Success Initiative Assessment - to take dual credit classes unless they have met one (or more) of the TSI Exemptions below:

    • Algebra EOC Score: 4000 or higher (only exempt for Math portion)
    • English II EOC Score: 4000 or higher (only exempt for English portion)
    • PSAT Scores: Math - 510+ and/or EBR/W - 460+ (only PSAT10)
    • ACT Scores: Composite - 23 Math - 19 and English 19
    • SAT Scores: Math - 480+ and English 530+

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