• Intended Residence

  • Families moving to Forney ISD later in the year (whether building a new home, buying or leasing an existing home or apartment) can enroll their students prior to the move in date in FISD under an Intended Residence. Parents must complete the online application form and upload the required documents for early enrollment based on an intended residence with move in expected within 120 days from the date of enrollment. 

    This is not the New Student Online Enrollment Application.

    See instructions for Enrolling in Forney ISD.

    Do not complete this application if you have already moved into your new home in Forney. 


    Click here for the Application for Early Enrollment Based on Documentation of Intended Residence


    Once you have an approved Intended Residence Application, then you must follow the instructions under "Enrolling in Forney ISD" for the online enrollment application.