• smiling kids close up in K4 Forney ISD's current elementary school grade level structure includes kindergarten through 6th grade students attending school in the same building. 

    At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, the structure of elementary schools will change to kindergarten through 4th grade students in seven elementary schools and two of the elementary schools will be converted to Intermediate Schools with 5th and 6th grade students.  

K-4 Campuses and Principals

  • Blackburn Elementary School
     - Courtney Parker - Principal 

    Claybon Elementary School
     - Kristie Crabtree - Principal 

    Criswell Elementary School
     - Rachel Bonner - Principal 

    Crosby Elementary School
     - Leslie Rader - Principal 

    Henderson Elementary School
     - Laurie Branch - Principal 

    Johnson Elementary School
     - Nancy McElroy - Principal 

    Lewis Elementary School
     - Jenny Harstrom - Principal

    K-4 FAQs

    • What is the timeline for the transition to a K-4, 5-6 configuration?

      • The conversion and the new educational model will open in August 2019.

    • What will the new attendance zones look like? When will they be decided?

      • Forney ISD is working with our demographers to analyze the growth patterns and projections of our community. New attendance zones will be finalized during the Spring of 2019. Opportunities for feedback and public hearing will be available throughout the process for all stakeholders.

    • Are there safety concerns with an innovative design?

      • Committees are working on updating our emergency operating procedures to align to our new designs and ensure the safety of our students and staff.

    • What is the process for transferring teachers from a K-6 model to a K-4, 5-6 model?

      • Personnel transfer plans are currently being shared at this time with all Forney staff. Teachers will have the opportunity to provide input to the transfer process. Personnel transfers will be finalized following the adoption of the new attendance zones in spring of 2019.

    • ​Will office space be added to accommodate additional positions?

      • Additional space has been taken into consideration in the design of the new additions for future office areas.

    • What is the district plan to add innovative spaces to the Elementary,  Middle and High Schools?

      • The district has already begun an innovative and flexible furniture program throughout our district. As renovations, maintenance, and new construction are needed, we will focus on updating facilities to align to the learning environment vision of our Innovation and Design Team.

    • What is the process to move and redistribute materials?

      • Resources will be inventoried over the 2018-19 school year and redistributed during the summer of 2019. Procedures will be shared by campuses principals throughout the process of inventory and redistribution.

    • What will the new school times be?

      • Committees are currently evaluating best practice, transportation options, and instructional needs to propose start and end times for all campuses.

    • ​Do Smith and Rhea have adequate parking for evening events? Is there a plan to allow a good flow during drop off and pick up?

      • Architects are utilizing code requirements and capacity needs to design appropriate additional parking opportunities for both campuses.  Additional special event parking is being considered and will be added if budget allows.

    • Will Highway 80 remain the dividing line?

      • Attendance zones will be evaluated and proposed in the Spring of 2019. No final decisions have been made at this time.

    • When will bus routes be determined and shared with parents? Will students still be picked up from each house?

      • Transportation will be determined once attendance zones and start/end times have been finalized. These decisions will be made during the Spring of 2019.

    • How will construction affect school during the school year?

      • Construction on the Rhea/Smith additions will begin in June 2018. At this time, construction areas will be identified and safety fencing installed to maintain separation from construction and the unaffected areas of the schools. All construction workers will be required to have background checks and remain in the isolated construction areas at all times. This is a common practice for school districts across the state and in past construction projects throughout Forney ISD.

    • Will we keep the playgrounds at Rhea and Smith?  

      • Outdoor play areas will be designed for Rhea/Smith. The equipment needed for these spaces will be determined throughout the program development process.

    • What will the master schedule look like at the 5th and 6th grade centers?

      • Committees will begin meeting this spring to examine best practice, research, and instructional needs to propose a master schedule for the 5th/6th grade campuses.  

    • Does this approach eliminate our need for portables?

      • With the addition of an estimated 1200 student capacity between the 3 projects, we do not foresee the need for portables at this time. Forney ISD will continue to work with demographers to monitor future growth moving into our school district.

    • Will all campuses keep their current names and mascots?

      • Committees will begin to evaluate campus names and branding in the Spring of 2018 to make recommendations to the school board for the conversion to the new educational model.