• Frequently Asked Questions

    1. My child will be entering kindergarten next school year. Can I have them evaluated for GT services before starting school?

    A: Unfortunately, we are unable to evaluate students for GT services who are not currently enrolled in Forney ISD. However, we will do Academy (either Dual Language or Fine Arts) qualification testing in the late spring/early summer for future kindergarten students. Information about these programs and how to sign-up for testing will be shared at Kindergarten Round-up in March. Please note, academy qualification testing does not qualify a student for GT services. 


    2. What is the difference between advanced academics and GT?

    A. Students who qualify for advanced academics show a need for academic enrichment within the general education classroom (K-4th grade) or within an advanced section of a core class (5th grade and up). A GT student has shown this same academic need, but also displays a need for additional services in the form of social-emotional development &/or opportunities to show mastery using more creative and non-traditional assessments. The GT designation will transfer to other school districts if you leave Forney ISD, but the advanced academics label may not.


    3a. My child's native language is not English. Will they be able to complete the GT assessments?

    3b. My child has dyslexia. Will they be able to complete the GT assessments?

    A. Yes! All of our GT tests are non-verbal, meaning they don't contain words in any language. Even the directions are given as a short cartoon demonstrating what students are supposed to do. 


    4. How can I best prepare my child to be evaluated for GT services?

    A. Our GT assessments do not have an associated test prep process. However, you can help your child experience the thought processes by playing problem-solving games like Clue & Q-bitz, logic games like Battleship & Mastermind, and creative games like Apples to Apples & Minecraft. Additionally, playing the game where you guess what the cloud shape looks like is a great way to exercise creative ability. 

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