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LEA Plan for Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services

Forney ISD developed a plan for ensuring safe in-person instruction and continuity of services. 

  1. The District had a plan that is already compliant and will review it every six months, or the District will amend/create a plan and post it within 30 days of receiving funds.  

Forney ISD has a compliant plan that will be reviewed and revised at least every six months.  The plan can be found at:

  1. The LEA will maintain the health and safety of students, educators, and other school and  LEA staff, and the extent to which it has adopted policies, and a description of any such  policies, on each of the CDC’s safety recommendations, including: universal and correct  wearing of masks; modifying facilities to allow for physical distancing; handwashing and  respiratory etiquette; cleaning and maintaining healthy facilities, including improving  ventilation; contact tracing in combination with isolation and quarantine, in collaboration  with the State, local, territorial, or Tribal health departments; diagnostic and screening  testing; efforts to provide vaccinations to school communities; appropriate  accommodations for children with disabilities with respect to health and safety policies;  and coordination with State and local health officials.  

The district maintains health and safety policies and procedures, specifically for the following:

  • Protocols for cleaning and disinfecting
  • Protocols for screening and isolation
  • Protocols for hand washing and sanitizing
  • Protocols for face coverings
  • Protocols for arrival
  • Protocols for early check-out
  • Protocols for meal service
  • Protocols for classroom configurations and procedures
  • Protocols for transitions
  • Protocols for library
  • Protocols for tutorials, interventions, and after-school clubs and activities
  • Protocols for specials and electives
  • Protocols for restrooms
  • Protocols for on-campus activities and events
  • Protocols for campus visitors
  • Protocols for extra-curricular programming
  • Protocols for bus transportation

In addition, the district provides vaccination clinics every Thursday to provide vaccines eligible people, including staff, eligible students, parents, and other community members.

This information may be found at:

  1. The LEA will ensure continuity of services, including but not limited to services to address students’ academic needs and students’ and staff social, emotional, mental health and other needs, which may include student health and food services.  

Forney ISD has added personnel to create opportunities for student participation in extra-curricular and after-school clubs and organizations.

Forney ISD is providing meals for all students through the federal funds provided.

Forney ISD is currently using Remote Conferencing to keep students engaged when they are unable to attend school in person, up to 20 days per student.

  1. The District sought public comments in the development of its plan and took those comments into account in the development of its plan.  

Parents and community members have had opportunities to provide feedback and input to the district and campuses regarding the district’s practices to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  This feedback and input were consolidated with feedback and input from district personnel, including principals, teachers, and district administrators to create the comprehensive health protocols.

In addition, Forney ISD provides the following assurances: 

  • The District made its plan publicly available no later than 30 days after receiving its ARP ESSER allocation. 
  • The District sought public comment in the development of its plan and took those public comments into account in the development of its plan. 
  • The District will periodically review and revise its plan, at least every six months. 
  • The District will seek public comment in determining whether to revise its plan and, if it determines revisions are necessary, on the revisions it makes to the plan.  
  • If the District revises its plan, it will ensure its revised plan addresses each of the aspects of safety currently recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), or if the CDC has revised its guidance, the updated safety recommendations at the time the LEA is revising its plan.  
  • The District has created its plan in an understandable and uniform format.  
  • The District’s plan is, to the extent practicable, written in a language that parents can understand, or if not practicable, orally translated. 
  • The District will, upon request by a parent who is an individual with a disability, provide the plan in an alternative format accessible to that parent.