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Non-Profit Flyers

Non-Profit Flyers

Forney ISD allows non-profit organizations to distribute flyers through the District’s email notification system and post on the District’s website with approval from the Communications Department. Non-profit organizations are also permitted to place signs in student drop off/pickup areas at schools with approval from the Communications Department. Signs can be placed at a campus for two weeks, but they must be picked up the day after the event.  The non-profit organization requesting the distribution must file appropriate state or federal information with the District proving that it has non-profit status.  

Deadline to submit a flyer or yard sign for distribution on Friday is Thursday at 12 noon.

Flyers and yard signs must both be submitted for approval at the form below.

Click here to view the guidelines for flyer distribution

Click here to complete the online distribution form

The nonprofit organization will follow school district guidelines for requesting approval for the distribution of flyers:

  • For a flyer to qualify for distribution to students, the organization must have government approved official non-profit status documentation such as a 501c(3). A copy of which must be received and on file with the District.
    ● A digital version of the material to be distributed must be submitted for approval to the Forney ISD Communications and Marketing Department. The flyer should be submitted in a graphic file (jpeg, gif, pic, etc.) format.
    ● All approved flyers will be distributed electronically through the District’s email notification system and posted on the District’s website. Hard copy flyers shall not be distributed to students on school property.
    ● Flyers will only be valid for a 30-day period.
    ● All signs placed at campuses must be removed from the campus by the non-profit organization one day after the approved distribution date.
    ● Flyers, the completed distribution request form and a copy of the non-profit documentation must be submitted to
    ● Flyers will not be approved for distribution which contain the sale, use or promotion of alcohol, tobacco products or firearms.

The direct distribution of non-school related materials to students is strictly prohibited.

For Profit Organizations

For profit organizations may provide coupons or discounts to students and/or teachers to recognize or reward them for specific achievements. (i.e. ‘A’ Honor Roll, Teacher of the Month, etc.). For profit organizations are not allowed to hang posters, signs or display flyers or any other materials at schools promoting their business.