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24-25 Course Selection

know before you go

Watch this quick preview video of what to expect at the event and read our FAQ below.

Focus Night 2024 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my student and I be required to attend one of these nights?

A: No, UNLESS your student is interested in one of the following programs: Freshman Collegiate Academy, Dual-credit courses (first timers only), Auto Tech and Cosmetology. These programs require an application process and/or additional fees, which we want all students and parents to be aware of before they start the application. Parents/guardians and their student(s) are required to attend these info sessions to be eligible to apply.

Q: Do I have to come to each event or can I choose ONE night to attend?

A: No, you only need to attend one of these nights.

Q: I can't make it to either of the events. What are my options?

A: Unfortunately, these are the only dates and times available for the 2024-25 course selection. If students are interested in one of these programs (Freshman Collegiate Academy, Dual-credit courses *first timers only*, Auto Tech, and Cosmetology), they must attend the application session with a parent or guardian. 

Q: My student is already taking dual-credit classes. Do I still need to attend one of these events?

A: No. Only incoming freshmen who are interested in the FISD Collegiate Academy and current 9th-11th graders who are interested in taking dual-credit courses for the FIRST TIME are required to attend.

Q: If my student already knows what they want to take in high school, do I need to attend?

A: Technically, no. However, we especially encourage incoming freshmen and their parents to attend in order to gather as much information about their upcoming high school academic experience as possible!

Q: If we don't attend, will my student(s) be blocked from registering for their courses?

A: No, not at all. They just won't be eligible for our application only programs, such as: Collegiate Academy, Dual-Credit (first time), or the Auto Tech and Cosmetology programs.

Q: How will the event be structured?

A: Doors will open at 5:30 for parents and students to tour the facilities and stop at program tables. Prior to the event, a prerecorded general session will be shared with incoming Freshmen students and their parents/guardians. This session will also be posted to the District CTE page, as well as shared through various district social media outlets.  The general session will cover all of our Forney ISD Career & Tech Ed Programs of Study, as well as general information about dual-credit offerings, Freshman Centers, The OC, and the course selection process. Application specific sessions will begin at 6:00 p.m. and if individuals did not watch the prerecorded general session prior to visiting, rooms will be available for continuous viewing throughout the night.  These targeted information sessions that require attendance for eligibility include: Collegiate Academy, first time dual-credit students, and the Auto Tech and Cosmetology programs. These sessions will last 20-30 minutes and will require a sign-in for documentation.

Q: Will my student(s) be exposed to any of this information prior to Focus Night?

A: Absolutely! Every Forney ISD 8th grader, in addition to their Level 1 CTE course they are currently enrolled in, will have been through a high school counselor presentation. Students also received information about each program of study offered in Forney ISD within their 8th grade CTE course. 

You can also visit the High School Registration main page for more information about our campuses and programs.

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