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Admission Process

Dual Language Application Process

Admission Criteria for English Proficient Students

For admission in the Two-Way Dual Language Enrichment Academy an EP student must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Be eligible for Kindergarten in the upcoming school year.
  2. Score Fluent English Speaker (FES) on an English oral fluency test as well as Level 3 - High in the preliteracy test,
  3. Parents must attend one of the scheduled Parent Informational Meetings during the Spring.
  4. In grades 1-6, English proficient students will be admitted into the program only if they participated in a Dual Language program in a previous district
  5. Due to space limitations, not all eligible EP students will be placed in the dual language program.

Admission Criteria for Siblings of Current Dual Language Students

For admission in the Two-Way Dual Language Enrichment program, siblings of current Dual Language students will also have to meet the criteria listed in the previous section. 

Selection Process for English Proficient students 

Parents of English Proficient students wishing to enroll their children in the Two-Way Dual Language Academy must complete the following steps. 

  1. Parents of EP kindergarten students must attend a Dual Language Academy informational meeting which outlines the program, its requirements, benefits, and challenges, and the need for commitment of both the parent as well as the student.  
  2. During the meetings, parents will receive an application packet as well as the requirements for enrollment. A testing appointment will also be scheduled only at that time.
  3. Parents will need to fill out a Home Language Survey at the time of the informational meeting in order to process a dual language application.  
  4. The parent/guardian will bring the completed application packet on the day of the assessment along with proof of Skyward application submission. The following documents must be uploaded into the Skyward application:  Birth Certificate and Proof of residency.
  5. Parents will be notified by email upon the child’s acceptance into the academy.
  6. Kindergarten   enrollment   requirements   must   be   completed or the student   will   be   dropped   from   the dual   language   academy and the vacancy will be given to the next qualifying applicant.