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Secondary GT

Referral Period: Teachers, parents, and others who know the child well can refer the child for GT testing at any time by completing this form. All referrals will be tracked in a district-wide spreadsheet. Students will also be screened using their MAP scores from the testing session immediately previous to the GT testing window according to FISD GT qualification policies. The referral period for 2nd grade and up will close on the last Friday in September of every school year. Are you unsure if you should refer your child for testing? Check out this checklist! 5th-8th graders can be referred by any adult that knows them well. High school students can only be self-referred. 

Testing Period: Once the referral window has closed, the testing window will open. Students will take a series of tests and their scores will be recorded in the district-wide spreadsheet. All testing will be conducted between September and Thanksgiving break. 

Qualification for Services: At the conclusion of testing, the parents/guardians of all tested students will be notified of their results. Students that earn qualifying scores on multiple measures will qualify for GT services given that the parent(s) or guardian(s) consent to those services. GT services are provided to secondary students through advanced sections of core classes. If the student is not currently enrolled in an advanced section of a course, they may request a schedule change for the 2nd semester or they may delay receipt of services until the next school year. Students do not need to requalify each year.  

Intermediate and Middle School Grades (5-8)

Starting in 5th grade, students will have the opportunity to enroll in subject-specific advanced courses at all of our intermediate campuses. These courses will be in the core subject areas, starting with Math and English in 5th grade and adding Science and Social Studies in 7th grade. GT students will be provided services through specific clusters within the advanced classes. If there is a need, they will be able to meet with a designated GT teacher periodically (weekly, biweekly, or monthly) to receive services in the area of social and emotional development. This can be arranged via the campus counselor, GT teacher, or district administrator as needed.

In addition to core classes, GT students will be encouraged to participate in academic competitions, such as UIL. Students can also continue to take advantage of Credit by Examination to test out of courses for which the content is already known. For students who accelerate into high school level courses in intermediate or middle school (such as an 8th grader who is enrolled in Geometry), accommodations will be made to enable students to take higher-level courses.

New for the 2023-24 school year!!

Our Advanced Academics Fine Arts Academy is expanding to Smith Intermediate! As the class of 2031 grows up, so does AAFAA! If you child qualifies for GT or Advanced services, they are eligible to apply for any open spots for the 24-25 school year. 

High School Grades (grades 9-12)

Once a student reaches high school, the opportunities for a GT student grow exponentially. In addition to the advanced offerings in all core subject areas, GT students can now follow their passions in many STEM fields, career courses, creative arts, performance arts, and leadership. 

Academic offerings will be similar in structure to previous grade levels. In addition to general advanced courses, GT students will be encouraged to enroll in Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses. When possible, GT students will be clustered in advanced classes. If you're not sure which of those course types will work best for you, here is an article from Dallas Morning News that, although old, may help.