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Last Minute Substitute Team

Last Minute Sub Team Information

The Last Minute Substitute Team will be composed of a small group of substitutes who are willing to accept "last minute" positions often enough to merit an enhanced pay rate.  The enhanced pay rate will be $20 per day ($10 for a half day) more than the substitutes normal rate for teacher assignments. In order to maintain their status on the team, members of the team must accept at least 20 "last minute" assignments over the course of a 9-week period.  This averages to slightly more than two "last minute" assignments per week.

To be considered, current substitutes should be in good standing, have a history of subbing a minimum of 2-3 days per week on average, and be flexible as to what types of positions they would be willing to accept and capable of completing successfully.  This will only be in effect for instructional substitutes. It will not apply to child nutrition or nurse substitutes. Q&A's which cover details are shown below.

Question 1--How will this work?

Those substitutes selected to be part of the team, will need to reduce the number of advanced assignments they accept so they will be available to accept "last minute' jobs. These subs will be at the top of the list that HR staff members will call to fill "last minute" absences each morning.  We will have a tracking system in place to tally the number of "last minute" assignments completed so that we can review for continued eligibility to be part of the Last Minute Substitute Team.

Question 2--Will I be required to accept certain jobs?

In most cases the answer to this question will be "no." Substitutes selected to be part of the team will not be forced to take any particular assignment.  We expect we will select some subs who prefer secondary work and some who prefer elementary although this will not be binding. We still want to try to place substitutes where they are most comfortable when possible.

Those subs selected to be part of the team will not be able to be as selective as they have been previously however.  If the subs selected for the team do not take many "last minute" jobs in the first part of a 9 week period, they may have to accept certain jobs in the latter part of the 9-week period in order to maintain their spot on the team.

Additionally, in order to qualify for a job being considered "last minute" a substitute must accept a slot that is deemed most critical when multiple options exist.  For example: If there are 3 openings on one campus on a particular day and 1 opening on another campus, those on the last minute team must accept the assigned job on the campus with 3 openings in order for the assignment to be considered one of the required number of "last minute" assignments.  Subs must also be willing to move to slots that the campus deems most critical if changes to assignments occur.

Question 3--If selected to be part of the last minute sub team, can I still accept future assignments?

Yes, but remember, you should have enough open dates that you can accept 20 last minute assignments within a 9-week period.

Question 4--What happens if I don't complete 20 "last minute" assignments in a 9-week period?

Subs selected to be part of the "Last Minute Sub Team" who fail to meet the requirement of 20 last minute assignments will be returned to a regular substitute status and their prior rate of pay.

Question 5--What exactly is going to be considered a "last minute" absence?

"Last minute" openings will include open assignments for which we directly call for on the same day of the absence.  Any calls that occur on a day prior to the absence will not be considered a "last minute" assignment.

Question 6--What will be my rate of pay for jobs that I accept that are not considered "last minute?"

  • $95 per day for Non-degreed substitutes
  • $105 per day for Degreed substitutes
  • $110 per day for Texas certified substitutes

Half day proration will apply for half-day jobs.  Rates do include pay for assignments in aide positions.  However, it is not likely that aide positions be considered the most critical and therefore not likely to qualify as one of the required 20 last minute jobs during a 9-week period.

Question 7--Do I have to accept last minute jobs over the phone when an HR staff member calls directly?


Question 8--What if I can't commit to this right now?

We hope that the program will continue to be successful and therefore continue.  If so, there will be future opportunities to possibly be selected.

Question 9--If I am not selected to be part of the team, but accept an assignment the same day of the absence, will I get any additional pay?

No, the enhanced pay rate is only approved for individuals who are selected to be part of the team and commit to the required standards.  There will not be any changes in pay for subs who are not part of the team, but on occasion fill a "last minute" assignment.

Question 10--What do I need to do if I want to be considered?

E-mail Sheri Price (  Mrs. Price will collect names of those who are interested in being considered for selection to the team.

Question 11--Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Tommy Riggs (