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Teacher Incentive Allotment Allocations/Compensation

The exact amount that a teacher can make under TIA will be impacted by the economic status of the students at the teacher's assigned campus, the designation the teacher earns, and the annual parameters within the Forney ISD plan. TEA is currently updating these amounts yearly in the month of April. 

A table showing the most recent TEA allocations for Forney ISD campuses is shown below. These numbers will be the basis for allocations for designated teachers serving in the 2023-2024 school year.  Please keep in mind that designated teachers are currently scheduled to receive a gross, direct payment of 90% of the allocation shown below, and that distributions will be subject to deductions such as TRS and income tax withholding.

While Forney ISD is currently providing 90% of the allocation a teacher generates directly to the designated teacher (subject to deductions), additional costs for additional employer-provided TRS contributions, medicare fees, worker's compensation insurance and unemployment insurance amount to approximately 10% of the gross amount paid to the teacher. 

To access the TEA page regarding allocations, click here.