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Transfer Procedures


General Information/Instructions--The district transfer process is utilized to provide an opportunity for any employee to indicate interest in having his/her assignment changed to another campus.  Employees interested in employment on other campuses should complete the transfer request form which can be accessed at the link shown at the bottom of this page.  

The form will be sent to the employee’s current principal/supervisor, the Human Resources Department, and the lead administrator of the campus/department the employee identifies as the preferred campus(es)/department(s).  It is recommended that employees provide an up-to-date resume when completing the transfer request form.

Transfer requests are not needed if….

  • employees desire a different position on the campus they are currently assigned.  This preference can be communicated directly to the campus principal without completing the transfer request form.
  • Individuals desiring a different position such as a teacher wanting to move to a counselor or administrative role or an aide wanting to change to an office role, should not submit a transfer request form but instead should submit a letter/e-mail of interest with an up-to-date resume to the principal or supervisor who will be handling the selection for the open position and/or Jonathan Campbell, Director of Human Resources.  Individuals desiring to change positions or seek promotions may also fill out an application for the position via the district’s public website, but completing this application is not required.  It is simply an additional option for expressing interest.

Not all transfer requests will be approved.  To be considered, the following criteria will be used:

  1. Staff members must submit their request by February 15 of the year prior to the school year the transfer would be in effect.
  2. Professional staff must have appropriate state certification and meet any federal requirements for any position requested.
  3. All transfers require the approval of the Chief of Human Services. 

Any exceptions to the above mentioned criteria are subject to extenuating circumstances as approved by the Superintendent (or designee).

Processing of Transfers--Principals/Supervisors will evaluate transfer requests in light of existing openings and other applicants.  A transfer request does not guarantee an interview for an opening or an approved transfer.

Situations may occur where the district transfers an employee who has not initiated a transfer request.  Most commonly, this would occur with changes in student enrollment counts, grade level reconfiguration of campuses, or opening of new campuses.

Link to Transfer Request Form 

 Forney ISD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability, genetic information, or age in its programs and/or activities.