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Police Department

FISD Police


Forney ISD Police Department

If you have an immediate emergency, call 911.

Current Hours: Monday-Friday 7AM-5PM

Non-Emergency Line: 469-762-4357 (HELP)

After hours, please call The City of Forney Police Department for assistance. (972-552-6625)

The Forney ISD Police Department's primary jurisdiction includes all the geographical territory within the contiguous boundaries of the District, as well as any property outside the District that is owned, leased, or otherwise under the control of the Board of Trustees.

Forney ISD recognizes and values the importance of a safe and secure educational environment both on and off our campuses. As such, FISD peace officers are assigned to our Elementary, Intermediate, Middle and High Schools.  Our Department is committed to an environment that fosters a partnership with parents and the freedom for our entire FISD community to maximize the potential of each learner. 

Forney ISD Police Officers assigned to our campuses are state certified commissioned peace officers.  Forney ISD Police Officers have the same authority and responsibilities as a municipal officer in that they have the ability to issue citations, make arrests, respond to calls for service, and document incidents that transpire in and around property owned by Forney ISD.

Our campus police officers work collaboratively with school administrators and district personnel to protect life, property, and to prevent personal victimization.  Our officers are committed to creating a safe learning and working environment for our students, faculty, and staff.

Our Campus officers are also responsible for many other aspects of campus security and law enforcement to include crime prevention, education, criminal investigation, emergency preparedness, asset protection, video surveillance, and building access control.  In an effort to provide the safest learning environment possible FISD officers will continually train and commit to the most proactive, innovative, and effective law enforcement practices the industry has to offer.

FISD Campus Officers not only serve as “First Responders” on campus, but also respond to any peripheral threats within the immediate vicinity that may compromise the overall safety of any FISD campus community.

If you have a question or concerns, please contact the Forney ISD Police Department.

Current Hours: Monday-Friday 7AM-5PM

Phone: 469-762-4357