Facilities Committee Recommends 2019 Bond Package

  • After studying the growth and needs of the district over multiple meetings in April and May, the Innovative School Facilities Planning Committee recommended the Forney ISD Board of Trustees call a bond election for November 5, 2019.

    The committee consisted of a broad and diverse group of 60+ community members that were tasked by the school board with evaluating “the current and future needs of the district while recognizing the need to be fiscally sound for a growing community.  The committee made decisions to add and improve existing learning spaces that combine individualization, collaboration, and excellence while producing future ready students.”

    “It was a pleasure to serve with the other committee members,” Kathy Green said.  “It’s important for us to always keep students in mind and work together to create the best learning environment possible to aid them in their future endeavors.”

    The package proposed by the Innovative Facilities Planning Committee consists of new campuses and improvements on existing campuses totaling $623 million.

    “I enjoyed being a part of the committee,” Julia Johnson said. “The district is doing a good job, and we are known for our school system. With all of the growth, this recommendation is important to continue to accomplish for students what we have in the past and provide what they need for their future.”

    Currently, Forney ISD has over 11,300 students.  The committee reviewed demographer data predicting the district will grow 70% over the next 10 years to over 18,500 students.

    “I was proud to serve because I’m invested in the community. It was a way to give back,” Dr. Nancy Shaw said. “Because of our growth this package is needed to stay ahead of the curve.”

    In 2018-2019, the district grew by 1,000 students, and the growth is expected to continue.

    “Forney ISD is becoming a destination district, and we’re excited about that,” Forney ISD Board President Greg Pharris said. “This is the first step in that process, and it will be up to voters to help us make this a reality for our students in November. I want to thank our community members on the facilities planning committee that gave up their time to work toward a solution that is best for all of our students.”

    The board voted unanimously to call the bond according to the committee’s recommendation for Nov. 5, 2019.

    Early Voting will be held Oct. 21-Nov. 1, 2019.  Election day will be Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019.

    “Due to conservative fiscal management by our board, Forney ISD is financially healthy, and now able to look at building new schools,” Forney ISD Superintendent Dr. Justin Terry said. “We will continue to be conservative and efficient before selling any potentially authorized bonds by watching two trigger points of growth and financial capacity. ”

    Forney ISD would like to thank the innovative school facilities planning committee members for their time and dedication to putting together a recommendation that benefits all of our students.

    The chair stood as a reminder at every meeting that we are here for the students.

    2019 Facilities Planning Committee

Proposed 2019 Bond Package

Proposed 2019 Bond Package

Did You Know?

    • Over the next 10 years FISD is predicted to grow 70%.

    • Forney ISD has nearly 21,000 future lots planned.

    • There are 40 subdivisions within the district that are actively building homes or are in the planning stages.

    • There are 8 subdivisions across the district that have more than 1,000 planned future lots; 2 of which have more than 3,000 planned future lots.

    • There are 6 subdivisions that are currently building more than 100 homes per year.

    • Forney ISD is forecasted to add more than 8,700 new homes in the next 5 years.

    • The district is forecasted to add more than 1,000 new multi-family units in the next 5 years.

    • Annual new home closings in Forney ISD continue to outpace annual starts, indicating the new home market in Forney is still expanding.

    • The Forney ISD tax rate has been $1.54 since 2012.

    • Due to new state legislation, the overall tax rate may actually decrease to $1.47 even with voter approval of a bond.
    • If voters approve a bond in November 2019, the I&S tax rate will not be increased.

    • Voters last approved a bond for Forney ISD 13 years ago in 2006, but the last of the bonds were not sold until this year.

    • Forney ISD has not built or opened a new campus in 8 years.

    • Forney ISD has a healthy fund balance higher than what is recommended by TEA.
10 Year Demographer's Forecast

2019 Innovative School Facilities Planning Committee