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Credit Recovery prior instruction

High School Guidelines- Credit with Prior Instruction (or Credit Recovery)

A student who has previously taken a course or subject - but did not receive credit for it - may, in circumstances determined by the counselor, principal, or attendance committee, be permitted to earn credit by passing an exam on the essential knowledge and skills defined for that course or subject. Prior instruction may include, for example, incomplete coursework due to a failed course or excessive absences, homeschooling, or coursework by a student transferring from a non-accredited school or program.

The school counselor or principal would determine if the student could take an exam for this purpose. If approval is granted, the student must score at least 70% on the exam to receive credit for the course or subject. The attendance review committee may also offer a student with excessive absences an opportunity to earn credit for a course by passing an exam.

Eligibility guidelines to apply for Credit with Prior Instruction (or Credit Recovery)

To participate in the Credit by Exam with prior instruction, the student must have been enrolled in a formal course as evidenced by:

  • Only students enrolled in FISD are eligible for credit by exam (credit recovery)
  • A transcript from an accredited or non‐accredited institution or other documentation that establishes evidence of a formal course
  • A syllabus listing daily assignments
  • An explanation of the time parameters of the course
  • Documentation of the student’s performance throughout the course
  • Documentation of alignments to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

Score reporting and credit earned

  • The student scores 70% or above on both semesters of the Credit by Exam assessment in order to earn credit for the course.  
  • All Credit by Exam applications must be made through the school counselor. Students may complete applications at any time during the year, but must meet the application deadlines established to test in a specific testing window. 


The district does not pay for exams with the intended purpose of credit recovery and the parent/guardian assumes the cost of credit by exam. Tests are $25 for each course per semester to be proctored by a district employee (must be taken on campus) or $35 per course per semester for a remotely proctored exam (can be taken at home) and checks can be made out to Forney ISD and must be turned in with application before tests will be ordered.