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Seesaw K-4

Accessing Seesaw

Seesaw can be accessed from home in three ways. There are two Seesaw apps that can be used on a smartphone or tablet: the Seesaw app and the Seesaw Family app. There is also a Seesaw website

If your child will be using a smartphone or tablet, you will need to download the Seesaw Class app. The Class app is for students to post work to their journal. It’s completely private. Only you, your child, and your child’s teacher will be able to view his or her work. 

Note: The video provided above is published by the Vestavia Hills City Schools. Auto-translated closed captions are available via Youtube.

Communicate With Your Teacher

If you would like to receive communication from your child’s teacher right on your phone, you will need to download the Seesaw Family app. 

How To Switch Accounts

If you and your child will be using a chromebook, you will both be able to access your accounts on the Seesaw website when sharing. You can switch between a student and family account on the Seesaw website. 

The way you do it is to take your mouse to the top left corner of the screen, click your name and a menu will open up. At the bottom, you can easily switch from a family account to a student account and back to a family account. Your child’s teacher will send you a Seesaw Home Learning code which will either be a PDF or a text code. The QR code and the text code are great for logging into a chromebook. 

Remembering these codes are like passwords so keep them safe. 

Login and Enter Codes

Home Learning codes expire on July 3rd to prepare for the next school year to sign into Seesaw. Students open the app or go to the website and choose ‘I’m A Student’ once they get to the login screen. They will scan the QR code or type the text code into the box provided by their teacher.

Older students sign in with Google. This information does not apply to them since they are already able to log in to Seesaw at home.

You will likely see pop-up window. Click allow so all of Seesaw’s interactive tools will work properly. If you need help posting work to your Seesaw journal, watch the video, “How to Post Work in Seesaw.”