• District of Innovation

  • A District of Innovation is a concept passed by the 84th Legislative Session in House Bill 1842, effective immediately, that gives traditional independent school districts most of the flexibilities available to Texas’ open enrollment charter schools. To access these flexibilities, a school district must adopt an innovation plan, as set forth in the Texas Education Code chapter 12A. (TASB)

    Forney ISD has chosen to explore and pursue this opportunity for flexibility to create new opportunities for and better serve our students. On this page, you will find the timeline FISD has laid out along with dates and agendas of meetings and public hearings, as well as resources provided by the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Association of School Boards.

  • Forney ISD District of Innovation Committee Members

  • Below is the 2017-18 District of Innovation Advisory Committee. The committee will meet annually to review the current District of Innovation Plan and propose possible amendments to the school board on an annual basis. The DOI Plan was adopted by the Forney ISD Board of Trustees in 2016 and extends through the 2020-21 school year. Amendments may be adopted by the board at any time. The committee is made up of 19 members from a diverse group of parents, teachers, campus administrators, and district leadership. 

    Heath Carroll, Parent

    Samantha Bradbury, Parent

    Laura Boyle, Parent


    Kelli Jordan, Teacher

    Anna Aguilar, Teacher

    Sean Worrell, Teacher


    Dr. Justin Terry, Superintendent

    Kim Morisak, Chief of Innovation and Information

    Judy Webber, Chief Learning Officer

    Rick Geer, Chief of Human Services

    John Chase, Chief of Finance and Operations

    Tommy Riggs, Executive Director of Human Services

    Larry Coker, Director of Communications

    Dr. Laura Merchant, Director of Special Populations

    Stormy Lemond, Director of Instructional Technology


    Kristie Crabtree - Elementary Principal

    Dr. Pam Luttrell, Middle School Principal​

    Courtney Peck, High School Principal