• FISD Account: How to Activate Your Student Account

    Welcome to Forney ISD! Below are the steps for new students to activate their FISD Account. Students must follow the steps below to set up their account password and choose their security questions for account recovery.

    Every summer, student account passwords are reset just before the start of school to allow all students to “re-activate” their account and go into the new year with a new password. Please be aware that students cannot activate their account the same day their registrsration is finalized. It can take up to 24 hours for student accounts to be created after registration.

    Important Note: In order to simplify this process for their age, PK-2nd grade students are assigned a permanent password for the school year. They are not required to change their password, and it is not recommended the do so. The instruction below can e followed to verify that the student's account is active and functional, but the password should not be changed.

    1. Go to ​MyFISD.
    2. Login with your username and temporary password.

    Student usernames follow this format:

    • [First Initial].[last name][last 3 digits of Student ID]
    • Please note the period between thr first initial and last name
    • Do not use your full email address, just the username portion

    PK-2nd passwords are as follows:

    • 12345678

    If you are locked out of your FISD account and are not able to change your temporary password, please reach out to your teacher for assistance.