• Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) Frequently Asked Questions

    Will Forney ISD participate in TIA?

    Yes.  District leaders believe our students deserve the best teachers we can employ and that we have many highly effective teachers who deserve the opportunity for enhanced compensation for all of their efforts.  Implementation will start with the 2022-2023 school year.  Plans call for additional groups to be added over a period of two to three years as sound student growth assessments are implemented with the hope that eventually every teacher will have the opportunity to earn a designation while employed with Forney ISD.  Failure to participate would, in the long-term, put Forney ISD at a significant disadvantage in retaining the best teachers possible for the district. In addition, failure to participate would prevent the district's best teachers from collecting approximately 1.8 million annually in additional compensation.  That could range from approximately $2,900 to $13,100 for individual teachers annually. 

    How are teachers involved in the development of the plan?

    Various district groups such as the Superintendent's Advisory Council and District Leadership Academies have participated in review sessions periodically.  The district has also utilized small group meetings and a district-wide steering team to guide development and evaluation of the Forney ISD TIA Plan.

    Plans call for sub committees to be utilized for groups to assist in strategizing sound options for participation and inclusion of additional teacher groups.

    How much extra money can I make under TIA?

    The exact amount that a teacher can make under TIA will be affected by the economic status of the students at the teacher's assigned campus, the designation the teacher earns, and the final parameters for the FISD plan. Those who achieve a Recognized designation would likely receive up to $2900-$3200 currently. The middle designation of Exemplary could earn up to $5600-$6400, and the top designation of Master teacher would likely receive $11,500-$13,100. These numbers are subject to changes based on state and district plans.  To access current information published by TEA click here.

    How long will TIA last?

    It is not possible to answer that question. TEA seems committed to following up and supporting this initiative.  A review of the TEA webpage for TIA demonstrates significant commitment which has only increased since inception in 2019.  Public education is subject to "political winds" and developments within society in general, which could impact funding for public education in general or specific programs.


    If you have a question regarding Forney ISD's planning regarding TIA, click here to submit your question.