Facility Improvements & Construction Projects

  • Forney ISD is funding multiple construction projects through a 2019 bond for long-term facilities projects, and through the general budget's maintenance and operations fund for annual improvements and upgrades.

  • 2022 Bond Overview

    Located in the 3rd fastest growing county in the nation, Forney ISD is also one of the fastest growing districts in Texas. In the next 10 years, Forney ISD is expected to grow to over 35,000 students. To accommodate this influx of new students, our school system must add new campuses and facilities.

    In January 2022, a Community Facilities Committee was formed with more than 55 parents, grandparents, teachers, staff, and business and community leaders from across Forney ISD. Their goal was to provide our district with the direction and insight needed to smartly manage our growth to keep our schools from becoming overcrowded.

    In May 2022, Forney ISD voters were asked to approve a $1.2 billion bond referendum. Voters approved the bond funds, and the information below will be updated as construction begins. The bond package will NOT increase the property tax rate for Forney ISD homeowners or businesses. In fact, with passage of the bond referendum, property tax rates will remain 17¢ lower than in 2019. Bonds will be funded primarily by tax revenue from new homes and businesses coming to the community.

    The 2022 bond will fund five elementary/early childhood schools, early childhood expansions and improvements, elementary expansions and improvements, four middle/intermediate schools, intermediate school expansions and improvements, middle school expansions and improvements, a new high school and additional college and career capacity. In addition, it includes districtwide capital improvements, land acquisition for new facilities, a transportation center, and additional Forney Learning Academy space.


    2022 bond projects include:

    • New Warren Middle School (Scheduled to open 2024)
    • Themer Middle School next to Henderson Elementary (to serve Rhea Intermediate) (Scheduled to open 2024)
    • Wilson Elementary (Scheduled to open 2024)
    • Land acquisitions for future projects

2019 Bond Overview

  • In November 2019, Forney ISD voters were asked to approve a $623 million bond referendum. Voters approved the bond funds with a wide margin, and the information below will be updated as construction begins.

    To repay the bond, the district tax rate will not go up.  In fact, the Forney ISD tax rate was actually lowered over 17 cents from 2019 to 2022 to $1.37 even with the passage of the bond.

    The following projects are a part of the 2019 bond:

    • Rhodes Intermediate School/Jackson Middle School (Opened Fall 2021)
    • Griffin Elementary School (Opened Fall 2021)
    • New Johnson Elementary (Opened Fall 2022)
    • Willett Elementary (Opened Fall 2022)
    • The OC (Opening Fall 2023)
    • Dewberry Elementary (Due to construction savings from other bond projects, an additional elementary school is able to be included in the 2019 bond package)
    • Campus Expansions (Ongoing)
    • Capital Improvement Projects (Ongoing)

    Additional improvements have been made outside of bond expenditures with growth revenue, and include:

    • Forney ISD Animal Science Center (Opened January 2021)
    • Forney ISD Welding Shop (Opened January 2021)
    • Aquatic Center (Opened Spring 2022)
    • FHS and NFHS Athletic Improvements (Completed Spring 2022)
    • North Forney High School Athletic Complex
    • Capital Improvement Projects (Ongoing)

Construction Timeline

  • 2023

    Projected Opening for The OC

    Projected Opening for Dewberry Elementary


    Projected Opening for Ed Wilson Elementary

    Projected Opening for Clay Jones Intermediate

    Projected Opening for Themer Middle School


Did You Know?

    • Over the next 10 years FISD is predicted to more than double in size from the current 16,000 students to over 35,000 students.
    • In the next 5 years, Forney ISD is expected add over 15,000 homes and have over 25,000 students.
    • By 2030, Forney ISD is expected to add over 30,000 homes and have over 35,000 students.
    • Quarterly new home starts within the district more than doubled between 2020 and 2021.
    • FISD could add over 2,400 students next fall as new home sales reach 3,000 annually.
    • There are 23 subdivisions within the district that are actively building homes or are in the planning stages.
    • There are roughly 28,000 future planned lots with more than 4,500 lots currently under development.
    • Even after bond approval in November 2019, Forney ISD tax rate has lowered 17 cents to $1.37 in fall 2021.
    • While building facilities through the November 2019 bond, Forney ISD saved millions in construction costs, allowing for an additional elementary school (Dewberry Elementary) to be included. This adds much needed additional capacity for students.
    • Forney ISD has a healthy fund balance higher than what is recommended by TEA.