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Forney ISD Upholds School Safety as a Priority for the District

As Forney ISD begins a new school year, it is important our community knows that the safety and security of all students and staff  in our district will always be a top priority. Each campus continues to go above and beyond the measures outlined by the state of Texas to ensure every child is protected while attending our schools. 


As always, the district follows and exceeds the state mandates for safety and security protocols including audits and routine lockdown and fire drills. During these audits, all exterior entrances and classroom doors are inspected to ensure they remain locked during instructional hours. Access to our campuses is monitored and requires an ID badge for entry from outside guests.


Forney ISD follows the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) from the “I Love You Guys” Foundation.  The SRP uses common language across districts and emergency personnel to help with clear communication in a crisis situation.


According to Forney ISD Police Chief Joseph Sanders, “The hold and secure protocols are often used when investigating an alleged threat, while a lockdown is utilized only when there is an active threat in or around the school.” 


In 2020, Forney ISD realized a need for its own district police department and created one to work collaboratively with school administrators and district personnel to ensure campus security as we continue to grow. In addition, we have enlisted campus security officers to patrol our schools and provide added protection by monitoring student behavior, securing buildings and property, and helping to maintain order during events. 


In addition to expanding police and security numbers, the district has implemented perimeter fencing around campuses, a phone in every classroom, additional security cameras, ID badges for all staff and secondary students, and much more as advanced safety measures.


“It is important that we work together to keep our students safe.  If a student, staff or community member sees or hears something that is concerning, we need to know in order to investigate.  If you see something, say something,” said Chief Sanders. ”That’s why Anonymous Alerts is very helpful. The district investigates 100% of reports made. There is a shortcut link on every student Chromebook and on the Forney ISD website and mobile app.”


The district also uses the Secured Mobility Authorized Ridership Technology, or SMART Tag, system to provide accountability for all students who ride the bus to and from school. It allows parents to track their student and their student’s bus in real-time for drop-off and pick-up each day. 


While the physical safety and security measures are a crucial part of keeping our Forney family safe, relationships first is our core value and equally important when it comes to safety, security and wellness.  

“You will never have a child’s mind if you don’t have their heart first,” according to Capturing Kids’ Hearts founder Flip Flippen. As a CKH district, we value positive relationships between students, staff and our community. Forming these ongoing connections helps to build a safe and healthy environment within our schools to enable a higher standard of learning within the classrooms.  


For more information on safety and wellness at Forney ISD, check out our Comprehensive Safety and Wellness Plan.


For more information about the Forney Independent School District, contact the Forney ISD Marketing and Communications Department at or by phone at 469-762-4100.