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North Forney High School Cheer Successful at NCA Summer Camp

In preparation for the 2021-2022 athletic and cheer season, the varsity and junior varsity (JV) cheerleading squads from North Forney High School  attended the National Cheerleading Association (NCA) summer training camp on June 3-6, 2021 at Southern Methodist University, (SMU). While at camp, both teams learned a variety of new cheers, chants and dance material, participated in team building activities, perfected stunting technique, and participated in a number of daily evaluations and a final camp competition. 

The North Forney Varsity Squad excelled at the camp earning all Superior ribbons on their daily evaluations, a Spirit Stick, Stunt S.A.F.E. Certificate, a bid to participate at the NCA National Competition, a National Federation of State High School Association (NFHS) credential, and the Herkie Team Award during two nights of the camp. The Herkie Team Award is voted on by teams at the camp and is given to the one team that demonstrated all the qualities of an ideal team. 

The North Forney Junior Varsity team earned two Superior and one Excellent ribbon on their daily evaluations, a Spirit Stick, a special award for Outstanding Crowd Involvement, a Stunt S.A.F.E. certificate, a bid to participate at the NCA National competition, an NFHS credential and the Herkie Team Award for one night of the camp. 

During the final day competition, teams were allowed to compete in two different categories each. The North Forney Varsity Team placed second in both cheer and band chant competitions and the North Forney JV team improved their scores from their evaluations in both the cheer and band chant competitions. 

While at camp, cheerleaders from both teams were eligible to earn individual awards. All 17 varsity team members and six team members from the JV team were nominated for NCA All-American. These cheerleaders were awarded based on their cheerleading techniques in the fields of jumps, tumbling, stunting, motion, dance and leadership skills.  

Varsity nominees included Alyssa Hood (Head Cheer), Joslyn Munoz (Co-Head Cheer), Cristen Miller, Alexa Hollister, Alyssa Bard, Cori Smith, Jamien Rooks, Kenzie Clonch, Kya Bradley, Lyric McClellan (Co-Head Cheer), Amaya Young, Hailey Hughes (Spirit Captain), Holli Boner, Inaya Wilson, Jade Williams, Sara Urton and Tatiana Turner. Seven of the cheerleaders were named as All-Americans including Hood, Munoz, Bradley, Turner, Urton, Young and Allen. Rooks was also awarded a Special Leadership pin by the NCA staff. 

The six North Forney JV team members nominated included Elina Picazo (Head Cheer), Breasia Allen, Madison Stenson, Quincy Smith, Kaylee West, and Jayden Johnson. 


NFHS Cheer

Front row, left to right: Adopted mascots Dynamo and Dynamite from San Angelo Central High School. Second Row: Inaya Wilson, Alexa Hollister, Cristen Miller, Joslyn Munoz, Alyssa Hood, Nina Morin, Elina Picazo, Elisa Esparza, Kaylee West, Madison Stenson. Third Row: Tatiana Turner, Kya Bradley, Holli Boner, Hailey Hughes, Zion Lewis, Kenzie Clonch, Cori Smith, Jade Williams, Amaya Young, Alyssa Bard, Breasia Allen, Sara Urton. Fourth Row: Jamien Rooks, Lyric McClellen, Bianca Smith, Quincy Smith, Jadyn Johnson, Reagan Jones and Melissa Hancock.