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FACT: Forney Academy to Certify Teachers

With it’s forward and innovative approaches, Forney ISD has launched the new Forney Academy to Certify Teachers, or F.A.C.T., program to help skilled individuals earn their teaching certification.

“This is a life-changing program,” Forney ISD Superintendent Dr. Justin Terry said. “We want to take people who are passionate about educating our kids and give them the tools needed to provide an excellent education in the classroom.  This program allows people to earn a living to support their family while working toward the ultimate goal of their degree and certification, and throughout that process they are being supported by incredible educators and higher education partners.”

F.A.C.T. has three pathways to teacher certification: Champion, Equip, and Educate. 

  1. The Champion pathway is for current Forney ISD employees who hold a bachelor's degree, but have limited pathways but currently lack a certification. Forney ISD, along with our partner educational entities, will provide structured support to reinforce learning.
  1. The Equip pathway is for current, outstanding Forney ISD employees that act in instructional roles but lack their full bachelor’s degree. Once they have worked for the district for one year, they are eligible to apply to the F.A.C.T. program.  Upon acceptance, they begin working to complete their  bachelor’s degree through a partnership with Indiana Wesleyan University at little to no cost to the individual. In addition, they receive a salary increase, gain classroom teaching experience and receive structured support from the Forney ISD Learning Department and through the district’s partnership with Teachworthy.
  1. The Educate pathway is for high school students who participate in our Education Training courses and begin their associates degree while in high school. Upon acceptance into the F.A.C.T. program participants will gain apprentice-style experience working alongside educators in the classroom while working to earn a bachelor’s degree, at little to no cost to them, and teacher certification with assistance from Forney ISD.

“I have been working as a Library Media Aide for the previous 7 within Forney ISD. I loved being in the classroom, and working with students, but found it difficult to return to school for my teaching certification,” said 3rd Grade Teacher Laura Gore. “The F.A.C.T. program has been an amazing opportunity.  I’m able to remain in the classroom at Forney ISD with a salary increase and no out-of-pocket expenses to complete my degree and teacher certification. The support from the Learning Department and my mentor teacher is helping prepare me to lead my own classroom effectively and make a bigger difference in the lives of my students.”

The Forney ISD Learning Department created layers of support for FISD teachers that focus on their continued growth, development, and ability to mentor new teachers. Learning Specialists work closely with teachers on each campus to ensure that classroom teachers have a pathway for continued growth through one-on-one instructional coaching, mentorship, and cohort style learning of new content and instructional practices. 

“Program participants receive structured support by being assigned a program advisor that acts as a liaison with the individual and our educational partners.  Each participant receives individualized support through mentorship and instructional coaching at the campus level.  Participants are grouped in cohorts, and each cohort is provided opportunities for collaboration and support,” Forney ISD Coordinator for Professional Learning Shelby Denman said. “It has been an incredible experience to partner with these educators in their educational journeys. Their passion, knowledge and experience are valuable assets that will have a positive impact on student learning in our district.” 


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