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New Phone Numbers to Forney ISD Schools

Below is a list of the new main numbers and fax numbers to each campus. Please note that the fax number is simply one digit more than the main number. These new phone numbers are currently operational. The old phone numbers will also remain operational until January 1 as we transition from the old numbers to the new phone numbers.
Please note: The main phone numbers and fax numbers for Forney High School, North Forney High School and the Forney Learning Academy were changed before the start of the 2018-19 school year. The main numbers and fax numbers to those schools will not change.
Campus/Building New Main Phone Number New Fax Number
Forney ISD Central Administration 469-762-4100 469-762-4101
Elementary Schools
Blackburn 469-762-4300 469-762-4301
Claybon 469-762-4305 469-762-4306
Criswell 469-762-4310 469-762-4311
Crosby 469-762-4315 469-762-4316
Henderson 469-762-4320 469-762-4321
Johnson 469-762-4325 469-762-4326
Lewis 469-762-4330 469-762-4331
Intermediate Schools
Rhea 469-762-4360 469-762-4361
Smith 469-762-4365  469-762-4366
Middle Schools
Brown 469-762-4260 469-762-4261
Warren 469-762-4250 469-762-4251