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FISD Announces Six New Career & Tech Programs for 2023-24

Forney ISD Adding Six New Career & Technology Education (CTE) Programs for 2023-2024


Several new programs have been added to the already robust career and technical education opportunities for high school students at Forney ISD. In the 2023-2024 school year, program selections have been expanded to the current list to include: Automotive Technology, Construction Management, Cosmetology, Emergency Services, Exercise Science and Wellness, and Fashion Design. All six of the new programs will be offered at The Opportunity Central (The OC) starting this Fall 2023.


The new program selections have been introduced to the current 8th and 9th grade students who will be enrolled at Forney High School or North Forney High School in the 2023-2024 school year. Most juniors and seniors are committed to their degree plan in order to complete their program in time for graduation. 


Automotive Technology - NEW in partnership with Dallas College offered at The OC

The Automotive program teaches CTE learners how to repair and refinish automobiles and service various types of vehicles. CTE learners may learn to collect payment for services or supplies and perform typical vehicle maintenance procedures such as lubrication, oil changes, adding antifreeze, or replacement of accessories like wiper blades or tires. Students will be required to complete an application for Dallas College and Forney ISD, in addition to taking the college-ready assessment exam. Students in this program of study are working towards completion of the Chassis Service Technician Level I Certificate offered by Dallas College. The final courses in this Program of Study will culminate in a cooperative work experience with an automotive industry partner. *Please note that an application will apply to this program of study. 


Cosmetology - NEW in partnership with Trinity Valley Community College offered at The OC

The Cosmetology and Personal Care Services program introduces students to knowledge and skills related to providing beauty and personal care services. Students may learn about or practice managing personal care facilities and coordinating or supervising personal service workers. To prepare for success, students must have academic knowledge, technical knowledge, and skills relative to the industry. Students will be completing their coursework through Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC) and will earn college CTE workforce credit. Students will be able to complete coursework towards the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) requirements for licensure. Prior to entry into the advanced courses, students will be required to take the college-ready assessment exams. *Please note that an application and student fees will apply to this program of study. 


Emergency Services - NEW in partnership with Dallas College offered at The OC

The Emergency Services program focuses on training students to respond to emergency situations, such as medical and fire-based emergencies. Students will learn how to prevent emergencies, respond appropriately and in accordance with rules and regulations during crises, and investigate and delineate the source of the emergency. Entry into the EMT - Basics courses will require an application to Dallas College and students will be required to take the college-ready assessment exams.


Construction Management - NEW offered at The OC

The Construction Management and Inspection program explores the occupations and educational opportunities associated with cost estimates for construction projects or services to aid management in bidding on or determining the price of products or services. This program of study may also include exploration into inspecting structures using engineering skills to determine structural soundness and compliance with specifications, building codes, and other regulations.


Exercise Science and Wellness - NEW offered at The OC

The Exercise Science and Wellness program introduces students to the fields that assist patients with maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health. Students will research diet and exercise needed to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle and learn about and practice techniques to help patients recover from injury, illness, or disease. Students will have the opportunity to intern as an Athletic trainer or with an industry partner in the Physical Therapy field.


Fashion Design - NEW offered at The OC

Students in the Fashion Design program will gain an understanding of design and construction techniques and the business aspects of fashion with an emphasis on promotion and retailing. Throughout this program of study, students will learn the history of fashion design, explain current practices, and predict future trends. A student completing this program will possess the technical knowledge and skills associated with fashion design, production and selection, wholesale purchasing, sales and promotion.


Career and Technology programs include a recommended sequence of coursework for college and career preparation based on a student's interest.  The knowledge, training and skills developed in these programs will assist students in pursuit of their future jobs and career opportunities. 


For the full list of programs offered at Forney ISD visit the webpage at

Students interested in Automotive, Cosmetology and Emergency Services must have completed an application by March 1, for consideration. Applications are available in each student’s Skyward account. Questions can be directed to high school counselors, or the Future Ready department.