PaperCut: Accounting for 2023/24 School Year

Posted by Howard Carlin on 2/23/2023 8:00:00 AM

Beginning June 1st, Forney ISD will begin using PaperCut Accounting to track device and resource utilization in our print environment by campus and/or department.

This change will impact our PaperCut environment in the following ways:

  • All users will be able to use all features of all devices, without restrictions. This means feature and location specific restrictions in PaperCut will be removed.
  • All users will be required to choose which accounting code they are attributing to their print job before it is completed.
  • Campuses and Departments will be able to track their print spending, no matter the location or device.
  • Individual user allowances will stay in place, and can continue to be managed by campus PaperCut administrators.
  • All devices not compatible with PaperCut embedded Account Selection will be retired.

These changes are being put in place to provide an improved and more consistent experience for Forney ISD staff.